We are a RIPE NCC Local Internet Registry (LIR) which allows us to request and manage IPv4 & IPv6 Address space and Autonomous System (AS) Numbers.
Our Registry ID is : uk.dsnethosting
Our network operates from : AS25048 announcing AS-DSNET and AS48901 announcing AS-DSNET-CSP

Nominet    Nominet Terms
DSNet Hosting are a member and registrar of Nominet - the .uk Domain Name Registry.
Our IPS TAG's (For domain transfers etc) are : DSNET and DSNETHOSTING
Any registrations we make on behalf of our customers are subject to Nominet's Terms and Conditions.
You can find further information regarding our Nominet Membership at

OpenSRS Reseller

DSNet Hosting utilise the OpenSRS Reseller services from TUCOWS to register and manage non-UK or CentralNIC Domain Names.
This includes country code and all other TLD's (.com/.net/.org etc)

CentralNIC Registrar

CentralNIC provide various domain names such as, and our Accredited Registrar status enables us to register and manage domains under these on behalf of our customers.